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The best fresh baked
Waffles in Eindhoven

Opening Soon August 2021!


We are situated in the "heart" of Design District (Strijp S ) Eindhoven. Perfect for lunch, brunch or dessert, any time is the right time to "Waffel".

WaffelinQ is a company which strives working with honest products. Think about waste and sustainable producers. We try to buy most ingredients at locals. WaffelinQ fits into the lifestyle of new and old generations.

It is not only a snack but a full meal , a real piece of art. At first you choose your version, Vegan or Oat style. And then choose your topping(s).

Your coffee is brewed from coffeebeans deliverd from a Spanish company that supports the "Cafe-Mundi" initiative. Where local farmers are being supported in education and living conditions. This company also promotes a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

That is where WaffelinQ stands for. To serve honest products for giving people a moment of pleasure. So enough reasons to come and enjoy your "waffel".

Why "WaffelinQ". Waffel, Waffle and inQ stands for Inquiry, in other words research of listen to your heart. Listen to your heart by making time for yourself, love yourself and enjoy life.


Tuesday-Friday 11:00 - 18:00
Saturday & Sunday 11:00 - 18:00

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     Entrance Leidingstraat 0-1A

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