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Espresso € 2.25
(Pure shot of caffeine)


Double Espresso € 2.50
(Double shot of caffeine)

Coffee € 2.75
(Normal shot of caffeine)

Cappuccino € 2.95
(Treat of caffeine with whipped milk)

Cortado € 2.60

(Spanish version of pure shot caffeine and some whipped milk)

Caffè Latte/Latte Macchiato € 2.95
(Treat of caffeine with more and extra whipped milk)

(Almond milk, Coconut milk, Oat milk + €0,50)


For inspirations and best treat you come to the Design District Strijp-S to enjoy good vibes and food!


Fresh Ginger € 2.75
(Fresh slices of Ginger with hot water)

Lemon Ginger € 2.95

(Fresh slices of Lemon and Ginger with hot water)

Verveine € 2.95
(Popular French Tea)

Tea Quiero € 2.60
(Variations like: Earl Grey, Yasmin, Almeria Breakfast, Red Fruits)

Hot Chocolate € 3.75
(With the real Chocolate Block)


Bitter Lemon € 3.25
(Biologic concentrated citrus subtle softened with extracts of plants)

Ginger ale € 3.25
(Ginger- and bergamot-extracts, freshened up with biologic concentraded
lime juice)

Tonic Water € 3.25
(With extracts of plants, kinine and biologic concetrated lime juice).

Maté € 3.50
(Selected plants extracts, natural maté-extract, caffeine en biologic
concentrated lime juice )


Radler 0% € 3.75

Peroni Libera 0% € 3.75


Orange Juice € 3.75
(Fresh oranges only when available)

Applejuice €3,50

(not fresh pressed)

Juice of the day € 4,25
(Fresh Fruits of the day mixed)

Smoothie of the day € 4.50
(Fresh Fruits mixed with choice of : Coconut-Oat- or Almond Milk)

Vegetable Smoothie of the day € 4.75
(Mix of fresh Fruit, Avocado and Vegatable of the day)

Water € 2.50
(With gaz or without gaz)